STRESS – 10 top tips

  1. LET IT OUT!  Sit quietly and hum gently,  then focus on feeling it resonate through your body.  Or tune into cheerful music and sing along.   A long noisy sigh, or a deep groan also helps release stress.
  2. SWING LOW.  Stand and clasp your hands behind your back, palams facing downwards.  Slowly bring your hands up and bend from the waist, keeping your head in line with your back.  Breathe deeply, then exhale as you slowly straighten.
  3. SMOOTHE OUT YOUR FACE.  Using your forefingers and thumbs, gently pinch along the bony ridges around the eyes starting at the inner corners and working out and up along the brows.  Then use your middle fingers to work clockwise on the middle of the chin, corners of the mouth and th cupids bopw of your upper lip.  Finish by pressing your temples gently.
  4. SNACK SMARTER.  Keep your energy levels up and stress lebvels low with a banana or strawberry smoothie.  Whiz half a cup of no fat o low fat yoghurt with 1 sliced banana or a cup of strawberries and 3 tbs skim milk and a dash of vanilla.  Bananas especially contain two brain chemicals which help calm you.
  5. SIP ROSEMARY TEA.  Place 1 tsp rosemary leaves ( fresh) in a cup of hot water and steep 2 minutes.  Inhale the wonderful aroma and then strain.  Rosemary is one of the most effective calmatives.
  6. SPRITZ YOURSELF.  Beat the afternoon slump with a citrus spray.  Combine 3 drops each of orange, grapefruit and lemon oils in an 125ml spray bottle filled with fresh water.  Mist around your body and face.
  7. COOL DOWN.  A “coling breathe” helps beat back shallow stress induced breathing.  Close your eyes and curl your tongue into a tube, with the tip protruding slightly.  Breathe in and out, slowly and deeply through the gap for two minutes.
  8. FIND YOUR STILL POINT.  Chirpractors say you can achieve a slowing down or still point in the fluids that flow through the spinal column, affecting your stress response.  To find your still point, place two tennis balls inside a sock and tie the end.  Lie on the floor.  Place the sock betwen your head and the floor where your head topuches, dividing the balls so they balance your head.  Rest for two minutes.
  9. INTERVIEW YOURSELF.  Complete this sentence: ” The thing I worry most about is…..” Reveiw your answer.  What evidence do you hav that this bad thing will happen?  Now write the same line but complete it differently.  Looking at any issue rationally prevents you from turning every event into a catastrophe.
  10. SAY “STOP!!!!”  Protect your time and energy by saying stop to taking on too many tasks.  Focus your energy- the more you split your energy, the more you diminish your effectiveness.

2 comments on “STRESS – 10 top tips

  1. Thank you Gine, you know well that this sentiment is returned. *s*. The yardstick of if it won;t matter in 5 years – then let it o is one I use often and my children have learned to use. Maggs.

  2. I am loving this series of ‘Stress Talks’- It is exactly where my thoughts and heart are, too! *laughing* I have lists made out, and have been going thru them, trying to remember that if it won’t matter in 5 years from now, to Let It Go, Gina.

    I have also been singing more, and playing my guitar and piano more often- those are activities I greatly enjoy, and always uplift my spirit.

    You are a remarkable woman, Maggs, and I am so honored and thankful that I can call you ‘Friend’.

    {{hugs}} and love- Gina

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