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Choices and Conseqences

I received a convoluted phone call last night from one of my daughters asking my opinion of her choice.    For that evening as there was guilt she felt. You see, it was her birthday and she initially said she didnt want to go anywhere because she had run out of cash and so postponed […]


A fragile day glistens into being. I hear your silent words falling about me like tender caresses. I wonder Do you know how deeply your simple thoughts move me?

‘Be true to the dreams of your youth.’ George Bernard Shaw

In a speech by Lord Puttnam, producer and policy maker, from the 2009 Edinburgh International Film Festival, I pulled the above quote which jumped up and sang in my face.  In the midst of a work day my thoughts turn to what my young dreams were.  Away my mind and heart tripped tpo revisit the […]

Some interesting numbers

10g  –  That is the small amount of mushrooms you need to eat each day to reduce your risk of breast cancer by a staggering 64%, according to researchers at the University of Western Australia. 2.1  –  That’s how much younger you will look if you eat the recommended daily serves of 2 fruit and […]

The Best Things in Life

As I have not stinted on life and living I have walked the Red Carpet at film premieres, met and grown to know people mentioned in news reports (sometimes favourably – sometimes not so favourably!) , lived in many countries and savoured and tasted mny cultures far different from that I was raised to believe […]

Waiting – “How much of human life is lost in waiting” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have given much thought to waiting in the last few days.    What is it?  It is when you know there i something or someone ahead in time and you are not quite there yet in hours and days, or even moments. I m not a big fan of waiting and in this age […]