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Sunday Positives

  • Unexpected company ( thank you!!).
  • A new perspective. Letting go is not necessarily about loss.
  • Resisting the temptation to fall into old habits of thought and reaction
  • A new haircut, on impulse.
  • An hour of dedicated walking instead of bouncing off walls.
  • That ache in my body and legs telling me I have pushed it  when I wanted to.
  • Having someone I can talk to about anything and everything, up down or all over the place and know it is okay.

It is cold outside and winter bites and chews at any exposed skin.  As the light fades and hauls the landscape towards greys and then dark and darker, in that lovely clarity of light the boughs on the trees are painted gold and I am grateful in this moment to be alive and watching.

My habits of caring must rearrange themselves.  I am up to the challenge.

I am ready.  I know it will not be easy, but I will do this.


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