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Quick update

Mum had an endoscopy, a biopsy of her pancreas and a ct scan and we all settle in to wait for the results.  In questioning the medical staff Amy and I identified two comments they made which contradicted each other.  We listened. We heard.  We know what they are looking for. I bought mum some […]

Here we go again

My mum, aged 84, was carted away to hospital on Sunday after two terrible days where food and liquid would not stay down.  It is now Wednesday ( although I am so weary at the moment that I am not really sure!!).  They have tested for and eliminated bacterial or amoebic issues, have said the […]


During the time I resided on the Indian subcontinent some years ago, I became aware of the army of women who arose before the sun grinding spices and cooking the days meals for their loved ones.  Today, as the rest of the household sleeps, I found myself similarly grinding and sorting and cooking with the […]

First Morning of Holidays…..

I awoke ( as I normally do) at 5am, but this time smiled to myself in the dark embrace of quiet and early morning, turned over curled the doona around me and went back to sleep. I awoke again at 7.30am and without conscious thought padded through the quiet house and tuned on the kettle […]


There has been a shift of focus within me, and a shaking to knock away the dross that has weighed my true self down.  I did not even realise how tightly wound back I had become until I began to stretch and peek out and tingle.  And I wound back because the well that is […]