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First Morning of Holidays…..

I awoke ( as I normally do) at 5am, but this time smiled to myself in the dark embrace of quiet and early morning, turned over curled the doona around me and went back to sleep. I awoke again at 7.30am and without conscious thought padded through the quiet house and tuned on the kettle – which did not go on.   I tried again.  I tried the microwave and then it struck me that there was no power.  And no lights.  Sometime in the night the power failed and was not back on.

I threw on a warm jacket and wandered outside.  No street lights. No lights on and off in houses up the way.  Great.  Area wide power failure.  Nothing to do but wait.   Inside I went and read an article or two in a magazine ( I ha finished the last novel I had to read JUST yesterday on the train home – darn!!) then arose and wandered back into the kitchen.

Every inch of bench space was littered with discarded and food smeared bowls and plates and cutlery as well as the containers the food came from.  The kitchen tidy ( garbage) was over flowing) with two tied bin liners behind it and a swelling recycling bag.  Hmmmmmm.  So far I have worked all week.  Sometimes I let these things gather and build up to see who “sees” them and so does.

Three teenagers in the house.  What do I expect?  So I rolled up my sleeves and took the garbage out.  At this time the power came back on.  Yeah!!!!!! And I rinsed every single plate, bowl, cup, glass,food container and piece of cutlery and cleaned down the benches.

And I have not even had my first coffee yet.  But I m about to remedy that!!

By the way, my “holiday” this time is only three days.


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