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A Joy

Yesterday was my mother’s 84th birthday and I am thrilled and delighted she is still with us.  For her and for myself, the last two years have been bonus years.  Every moment for us both is received as and perceived as a gift. I love you, Mum. Deeply.

A few minutes

Light is entering my world earlier each day, now.  Spring is poking her head up and tapping on the glass outside my winter window.  So much so that when I step outside it is a shock to feel the lick of cold ind dancing around my hair. Work has many deadlines and I have a […]

Quietly, efficiently dead inside

The days spill endlessly into each other.  Minutes collect into hours, and hours into days….. the routine, my punishing routine is my salvation – and each time I become aware of the empty space inside myself where my heart once was, and I hear the wind of life blow through it – I add another […]

One day at a time; today

It is funny how although I know consciously, it is not possible, still my heart leans to the door and listens and waits at the same time each night.  My foolish heart.  I have waited so long, it seems the habit is as much a part of me as the blood which flows through my […]