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I wait for you.

I wait and you do not come.  The longer I wait, the more time I spend without you, the more difficult it becomes to think of anything else.

When I can bear my own company no longer and I am desperate for distraction, I set out to “discover” a friendly local anonymous cafe.  I got part of the way, turned a corner , but I didnt check before I stepped onto the road almost directly into the path of an oncoming car.

The driver wound down his window and called me a “stupid fxxxing bitch…, and made a rude gesture.  This left me so hollow and shaky that I turned on my heel and hightailed it back home and didnt breathe again until I was back inside the door.  Safely.

Once, you checked the road for me and when I absent mindedly went to step just like that you always cautioned me and pulled me back or at least made me aware.  I need someone with me to care enough about me  to look after me as if I am something precious, made of glass.  I need someone to keep danger at bay – even the danger that lives inside me, and my sometimes choices.


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  1. but each day you persevere is another small triumph where before, there was only defeat.

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