Suduko and chewing time

I am addicted to this wonderful little number puzzles.  I get on a train, settle myself ( bag in lap, etc, and no sooner do I settle than I whip out the little bound puzzle book and a pen and I disappear inside the number grids.

I look up and it is time to alight.  Egad.  What must one say!!  This is a joy.  I am certaint the way I approach them is not the same as anyone else.  In fact I would go so far as to say I hav no system, but the number have patterns and it is the patterns I see.  That’s how I know which number goes where.

Morning all.


3 comments on “Suduko and chewing time

  1. tis wonderfully awesome – I’m a sudoku fan too! Go do the really difficult ones, it’s a challenge but you feel so clean when you’re finished! Like you put your brain through a car-wash.

  2. it is a curious number cube and stretches the mind.

  3. Hi there! Soduko is one of my favorites too and when I was flying each week, I played that on the flight constantly.

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