“Always look at what you have left.Never look at what you have lost.” Robert H. Schuller

This is my current challenge as the underpinings of my walk through life has changed.  The architecture is different and varied.    Someone who once provided validation to my very being is no longer there; no longer central to my every thought, to my waking and my sleeping.

The number of times in a day I file a thought away and want – itch in fact – to share an impression, an event, a sense, a feeling.  I can never do that again.  So  that saddens me greatly.  But I choose not to let that drag me down.  I am much too busy and have in fact increased my essential busy-ness to much_more_busyness to exhaust me so the sadness does not overwhelm or overcome me…… so my focus is more on what I am able to positively contribute, (somewhere, somehow) leaving less for what I have lost.

Time tried and true survival techniques  for me.


3 comments on ““Always look at what you have left.Never look at what you have lost.” Robert H. Schuller

  1. Thanks Sunny. I try to choose the light and the good ( but do not always succeed. I suppose that makes me human!!

  2. Maggie ~ wow, when I popped over here just now after getting you in my links, I was stopped suddenly by your quote.

    Oh my goodness……it fits so well to me too. Wonderful to ponder and, it’s really soooo hard to do, tears are coming ~

    I have’nt read you and I don’t know why, but find your blog interesting, so will be commenting when I’m online.

    You are right ~ “Challenging” is just what it is, what it says.
    I hope all turns out for the better for you, you seem like such a nice person. *hugs* you too.

  3. It will get easier and even though you may not have that in your life- it will open up doors to bring in new things that are better than you could ever dream of. Give yourself time to heal and it will happen- I’m sure of it.


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