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Today’s Challenge

In August I saw my GP and told him I wanted to compete in nxt year’s City to Surf run with the same two of my daughters who did it this year. I also told him I wanted to run with them AND beat their time.

Now bear in mind I am NOT a runner. Walk – yes; anywhere and everywhere but I have never been a runner. With my doctor’s supervision and consent after taking blood pressure, checking my weight and a full blood analysis ( heavens I HATE needles!!) we developed a regime to ensure I could run the distance but also would see me prepare and build up slowly. Immediately post the City to Surf Run this year my doctor saw patient after patient who had attempted it and damaged/injured themselves.

As I train and follow a program to begin to become more fit and prepare my body for running in excess of 10kms and up and down torturous hills I will share my training regime with you all.

All you really need is a decent sports bra ( if you are a woman) and some decent running shoes, and it can easily be fitted around family and work committments. Some of my work colleagues have started bringing running clothing with them and join me at lunch time.

Running burns up to 865 calories per hour, is used in some places as a treatment for clinical depression and bolsters your cartilege by increasing oxygen flow and flushing out toxins. It gives your bones a boost helping to prevent osteoporosis. As I am “of a certain age” ahem cough….. the doctor’s supervision and visit is vitally important. Also having carried and birthed 7 offspring, increased prolapse risks. Unlikely as I haven’t seen any trouble on that score thus far ( and I think it may have shown up before now…nonetheless….)

Joggers have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke and late onset diabetes. they have lower blood pressure and cholesterol and better immunity to colds and other viruses. Women who run produce a less potent form of oestrogen which halves their risk of breast and uterine cancer.

Tuesday – walk at a comfortable pace for 20 minutes.
Thursday – 3 minutes jog alternated with 1 minute walk – do 3-5 sets
It is quick. It is free. What is stopping you??

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