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Protected: Patterns

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Fat – the politics of

Tell me this, when I look at someone I love I don’t see “fat” or “thin”, I see someone I love.  To me it is the person who matters – the essence or soul.  I am aware bodies change all sorts of ways in the course of a life.   So if Amy for example, […]

“Some things are true whether you believe in them, or not” from the movie City of Angels and my favourite quote

…I sometimes ask myself what it is that keeps me believing in a “great” love.  I still do, despite my own “romantic history” and its string of “lessons” ( nice euphemistic way of saying failures isn’t it?)  I do know that “great” anything usually come at a “great” price (cost) but to me the cost […]

some things…….

Some things happen in life and don’t rise to the surface until years later; conversations people hold back and don’t tell you because they don’t want to see you hurt, but it all comes out.   Eventually.  And when it does, those revealed truths provide a filter through which I have re-examined what has gone […]


First full day of classes tomorrow and I spent a delightful evening reading the Constitution of Australia with a chaser of the NSW constitution.  I put my hand up for this tertiary course ( I mean what else do I have to do all evening, every evening?) – at least this way I am doing […]

Slow Sunday

A leisurely social day, where I sat back and life strolled in my door pulled up a chair and stayed a while, and the heavens fell earthward and we talked and watched. I am relaxed and refreshed and mentally prepared for what the week will now bring.

Lesson this week – or one of them

I am learning you CAN have it all – just not all at once. Here I am past 1am, still wide awake half watching a movie ( or the bonus section on a dvd ) and half typing here with a small piece of my mind thinking a word puzzles answers and shifting from the […]