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“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

My biorythms are confused.    That’s what comes from taking leave on Friday, and Monday being a Public Holiday.

I realised this at close to midnight last night when Geni came home from work grumpy as…..  I don’t think she realised she had a hitchhiker attitude with her.  It was late…. she was tired….. work was busy and as in all customer service roles, someone had yelled at her.  So the chip on her shoulder grew as the hours passed and she wandered in the door determined to pass it on.

Her house key was somewhere in the bottom of her bag and she just couldn’t be bothered to get it out so despite the lateness of the hour and the probability we were asleep, she still knocked.  I opened the door and asked her where the key was…   I took one look at her face and the Pigpenian cloud hanging low over her mood and chose to defer the lecture until she had rested.  Geni turned around and barged into where Leonnie was and barked at her and slammed the door.    Right.

Geni settled on the lounge and calmed.  We watched a little mindless tv while she calmed.  Leonnie’s door blew open and out she stalked carrying the attitude and anger Geni had passed to her.  She stomped around the kitchen making toast and collecting a drink and accompanied by a storm of angry words an extremely straight back, some flouncing and two highly pink stained cheeks,  she floated back into the bedroom and slammed the door….  Two.

I quietly suggested to Geni that as she is working again tomorrow perhaps a short unwind and then sleep soonest would be a good idea.  I carefully dipped my verbal toes into devil’s advocacy ( sister to sister) suggesting as it was Leonnie’s last day with us for this holiday break perhaps she could just take a few deep breaths.  Leonnie is Leonnie.

Geni soon wandered into her room and was drifting to sleep in no time. I followed her with assurances I would get her up in time to get her showered ready and out the door for work.

Today was Tess’ 30th birthday and she is in Paris and a friend and she have booked dinner at a known restaurant not far from the Eiffel Tower. I miss her and am thinking of her.  And wishing her love and Happy Birthday.

Saw Easy A with Geni and Leonnie and Geni then went to work. And while Geni worked Leonnie and I saw Charlie St Cloud and cried our way through it.  After waking from sleep, Leonnie goes home.  That is always not easy after having her here for some time.

As I took Friday as leave, it felt like Saturday.  It dawned on me as the day grew into light that today is only Saturday and I have today, Sunday and Monday off ( Monday being a Public Holidays!!!)

For some time there this afternoon, I tried on every outfit in my wardrobe and those that no longer fit me, I have folded and packaged up to give away.  I fitted in a 5km walk/run.  I have mapped out two routes near home, and intend each day to charge my iPod and listen to music as I wander.  The Pod sits there uncharged despite my best intentions and I wander the route I have mapped and back my mind wanders into gardens I can see into, along the branch of every blossom laden spring emergent tress, an peeking into the small slices of life I see through open windows.  Before I know it, the walk is over and my feet ache in a good way.  And life resumes.

Yesterday is gone, and I package it up and leave it where it lived and breathed and vibrated with life.  I take the lessons with me. I look into this morning and today.  I have a lot lined up;  Geni will work all day and has a gathering to attend with her friendship group this evening …. Leonnie returns home,  a washing machine will be delivered and installed (at last no more soaking and scrubbing and washing by hand!!!!) and I have a catch-up planned with a dear friend.


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