If you discovered your life was cut short………

If you found out your life was coming to an end, and it was in site what thought would assail you? After you got over the initial blast zone of horror hurt and anger – oh and shock.

I find myself following people around the home closing door, soaking discarded food encrusted bowls, picking up dropped socks, towels, undies, discarded clothing ( take your pick of these), turning off lights and closing doors and drawers. How many minutes and hours adding to days of my life have been spent asking people to do these things, and then when the request goes unheeded and unacted on, doing it anyway.

Perhaps what really is important is time with, and true connection with each of those we love.

What have you never done, that has sat with you since birth? What have you traded for others happiness or for responsibility? What would make you really happy, to be, to do?

There is no greater pain than loss. Yet one of the defining lessons of each life is loss and letting go and finding a way to survive that rending of all you are.


6 comments on “If you discovered your life was cut short………

  1. There is a place in Australia called Monkey Mia where the dolphins come in to swim and play with us. I have viewed dolphins but never ( so far) got in the water with them at the same time. I may add this to my list!!! Maggs

  2. Swimming with dolpins- Its something I’ve wanted to do and plan to do this year. I can’t wait.

    I never want to have regrets-

  3. I, too, have done the tour down the Nile and Egypt is civilised, and Jordan also. Please remember the previous King married the daughter of the head of Pan Am ( she ended up the Queen). …so Jordan would be okay as well. Ihave spent some time in lebanon, but would assuredly give that a miss at the moment. But Egypt and downt he nile… heck – go for it!!

  4. In so many ways my life has been about my children and grandchildren and I, too, am still here for them and because of them. You see, it is harder to go on living for something than to just let go. This I know as a fact. I choose life. I have always chosen it for them. I do not regret that choice, or any moment of my roller coaster journey. And of course I am doing the best I can to live and learn in each and every moment. M.

  5. I don’t look back nowadays and try to analyse what I could have/should have done. It’s over. It’s all in the past.

    My Christian faith has grown very strong so my focus on life and death are very different. I’m ready to go and happy to leave all the world behind.

    However, I have my boy so that will always be my focus until the end. But if I can say that I brought him up and taught him what he needed, then I have joy of knowing, of being.

  6. It was not important to me if I went to my maker now or later. But the arrival of children changed that. I am at peace with my conscience and my life but I carry the responsibility of raising my children firmly in my heart. I have provided for them financially should something happen but I know that nothing replaces dad in their lives. for me, there is no option but to live and to live for them.

    But that doesn’t mean I can’t make time for myself or enjoy the pleasures of my own existence!

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