Yesterday Dame Joan Sutherland died and the newsreader on Channel 7 oopsed and said “Ms Cebrano…..” instead of Ms Sutherland.    mmmmmm.  That said, the Australian Opera singer was 83 and my mum is 84.  So today after work I am planning to visit mum.  Princess has a work shift and wont be home until 10ish  and it has been a few weeks since I made it to see Mum, although we talk every day.  This is largely because we have managed a school holiday break which sees me coordinating two teenage girls and their social life in the midst of all this ( imagine, little woman with semaphore objects…)

Work has calmed a little as I am only doing my work instead of two peoples at the moment.  Mal came back from holidays and after 5 weeks on a Greek Island with his inlaws wife three kids and a herd of goats is relaxed and ready for the work which lies ahead.  For me I am putting some structure around my work goals.

I start a work sponsored ( and paid for) degree course on 27 October.  They also give me paid time off for attending lectures and paid study time to get assignments in on time.  As Princess is facing School Certificate this year, and I am encouraging her to develop good study and revision habits, I believe I will choose to lead by example.   Time to pack away my canvases which currently inhabit the dining room table ( they should be dry by then!!) and I shall sit with her and work on reading and note taking.  I already have my course notes and they fill two whole folders – so we can develop good habits together.  It also means I will be on the net less.  And so will she.

I also begin a 4 week bootcamp next week – 6am to 7am 3 days a week and 5 lunchtime 30 minutes burn sessions.  Lets see what body I unearth at the end of this push!!!

So it is all systems go here.

Morning everyone!! it is shower time here.  :))….then work, then into my Wednesday


6 comments on “Yesterday….

  1. Thanks Joan

  2. My friend is doing a boot camp. Wow! Hard work but she is changing daily. Good for you!

  3. Can wait for the bootcamp experience or the study to begin. I am chomping at the bit, so to speak. 🙂

  4. Ooh the bootcamp sounds wonderful and I know youre probably happy to be doing the work of one person again. That alone should be a weight off your shoulders. Whew!

    I hope you enjoy the school- It is always fun to learn something new isn’t it?

  5. Ahh Chaz, the decimation emotionally saw me turn into a Maggie blob so I am working to unearth the me I like living inside. I am well on my way but not there yet and being of a “certain” age I really have to work it. What worries me is that I am enjoying it so much!!

  6. Good news on getting work to pay for the degree.

    Not certain about the boot camp thingy though!

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