Bootcamp and other self imposed disciplines

I can attest my first thought as I completed the first early morning hour of bootcamp on Tuesday was …”mmmmmm that’s not so bad!!” My personal internal audit congratulated myself uietly in my mind throughout Tuesday for the noticable lack of aches and twinges. BUT on awaking Wednesday morning every muscle and joint screamed at me.

Without audible sound.

I hobbled into the shower.
I let the hot water soothe aches in places I didn’t know could grow aches.

If bootcamp can be measured by impact I would say yes it is working. I built in an agreement with myself that if young fit (hot) trainer pushed my aging chassis too far I would decide for myself whether it was appropriate. I did earlier this year have an experience where young ( female, fit but not at all hot) trainer “stretched” me into injury by tearing a muscle. That hurt like hell and took months to stop twingeing and aching so I feel perfectly justified in deciding what is right and appropriate for my body.

I will say that although pushed and stretched I have seen no sign of the point where I would say an outright No. So to me this is a valuable exercise.

The single most important factor in losing weight as an aging person is to increase movement and exercise. Food alone won’t do it anymore. Plus to sculpt one needs to work it. Since I intend to grow older disgracefully and wish to inhabit this body for many years to come, it is important I hone it and care for it and ensure it is in the best possible condition – thereby honouring it and the gift of life. it is my vehicle after all – and the only one I have.

I have a ways to go, but I am on my way.

2 comments on “Bootcamp and other self imposed disciplines

  1. I’ve been reading books and watching DVD’s on the Alexander Technique… how to move your body efficiently and with east. It’s great! One of the DVD’s was made in Australia.

  2. Maggie – you’re inspiring.
    That’s all I can say.

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