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Saturday Catchups

Lunch was a little belated but full of family, laughter and memories.  Geni still has a teletubbie headress which somehow made its way out to the main living area, and Tess and Amy took turns wearing it and becoming Po – the red teletubby.  Of course my favourite was always the vaccuum cleaner ( nu-nu).  Now that was a photo opportunity too good to refuse.

Lunch was mini kofta wraps with mint raita, and mini chicken waldof snacks loaded into baby cos lettuce leaves.  Chicken pasta was there to be grazed on at will.  I believe tiny chocolate coated icecreams were consumed by some and wagon wheels as well, so noone went without a treat of some nature.

Tea, coffee and juice flowed freely and we have all settled into a subdued hum of warmth.  Lizzie and Abi had me in hysterics. Geni is at a party, dishes are done and the house is put to rights.  I have Robin Hood ( the Russell Crowe version, to watch, Leonnie is in and relaxing and the night is slipping away.

Tomorrow is coffee with a friend, some pre reading prior to the first classes on Wednesday, the rest of the washing and a 7km run.  Now I am just relaxing and unwinding.  Leonnie is making herself some spiced noodles

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