“Some things are true whether you believe in them, or not” from the movie City of Angels and my favourite quote

…I sometimes ask myself what it is that keeps me believing in a “great” love.  I still do, despite my own “romantic history” and its string of “lessons” ( nice euphemistic way of saying failures isn’t it?)  I do know that “great” anything usually come at a “great” price (cost) but to me the cost underscores its value to me.


To love and be loved for oneself.  By one other person who basks in the glow of the love and caring you pour onto and into them – two human vessels continually refilling the other until both overflow and bring light to everyone around them.

Interesting concept.  Sounds simple but is so hard to find and live. You see, it takes two – one special other.  I have not given up.   I cannot and will not.  I believe I was born with this and along this life’s journey the right person with the same understanding and wants and needs which mirror my own, will be there.  I believe recognition will be instant; like a quiet sigh silently in my soul that lights that one person.

I do believe in love, in the warmth and the passion that curls your toes and sticks with you through thick or thin, passes every test and endures.  The kind of love that has you focus on another soul and turn body and mind and soul towards them…..  the first thought on waking, the last thought before sleep claims you, the “I can’t bear to be anywhere else” kind of love.  The kind of love that lasts a lifetime and beyond.

I can tell you from personal experience, that anything less will not survive an attempt at living a life.  Second best or “close” is NOT good enough.  My grandma always said: “Don’t marry the one you CAN live with, marry the one you CANNOT live without.”  My journey through life thus far is littered with a handful of attempts at “CAN live with” and all with disastrous and painful endings.

Trust me – DON’T settle for less; it is better to live your life alone than with the wrong person.

When life creates a vacuum by emptying out what is toxic – even persons and a relationship that has become a habit,  it creates as itself an emptiness which life delights in filling.

Initially it is hard to face, to break old habits and force yourself to take one step after another into life and living, but it is well worth it.  LIFE itself is a reward and the people who walk with you are true Jewels.

I am currently on just such a journey.  You are my jewels.

It is the kind of love that comes with me on every level, as a parent, as a lover, as a friend.


7 comments on ““Some things are true whether you believe in them, or not” from the movie City of Angels and my favourite quote

  1. I am glad you have Spicey. Conditional love isnt love as I know it. if it is conditional something is missing. That love awaits us down the road Sammi. I believe it.

  2. maybe.

    until then I have spicey at least. unconditional love and companionship from a 4-legged creature who has simple needs that I can provide.

    he’s my world now.

  3. You see Sammi, I understand your pain, but I also believe with my whole heart something mutual and wonderful lies ahead of you.

  4. Interesting post Maggs. I truly believe my love, my light, lay with one man and that man and I were and are destined to be with each other. I’m not past that yet, and it’s been over a year since the split. I’m in pain every week not seeing him, and his children. I made mistakes and have no recourse for fixing anything.

    Love made me a happier person, I just didn’t know it until it was gone. He was and IS my great love. My one chance at this, and I blew it.

    So I drift through thinking I may never find anything like that again. And it kills me to think like that, but I agree – great love comes once. And it comes with warts, boils, canker sores and sometimes a bit of yelling, but it came and it went. And I will be forever grateful I experienced it.

  5. Do not settle my friend- You will find that pot of gold that you so deserve. I’m certain of it.


  6. It will become clear over time. One day at a time – but you already know that!!! *s*

  7. I know that there is that kind of love but having it twice in a life time might be pushing it. I am still confused. xx

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