Not a good day

Today is not a good day. for me. As such, and in the interests of keeping all the pieces of me together, I have so little to say.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.


6 comments on “Not a good day

  1. Soon. One day soon things will feel easier. I wait for tht day and in the meantime, walk through each moment – mindful. Thanks for the good thoughts Jenn. I gather each and every one around me like a net to keep me safe.

  2. The images and the quotes are lovely. I recognise your journey and see a reflection in my own. Thank you for your company.

  3. Thank you. The day has dawned. A new day. Another journey.

  4. May today be a much brighter day. Always look forward. Saying a prayer for you.

  5. Today has been difficult for me too but I read a quote which made me have hope “when true feelings of peace are once again allowed to emerge in the heart feelings of love will arrive too”

    I’m not at peace in my heart and I know that the anger and hurt still overshadows my day…

    I decided that instead of letting it ruin my day I’m going to go out with my camera and capture the world through the lens…I will post later in the evening…all the best for today and I will be thinking of you 🙂

    Incognito x

  6. I hope tomorrow is a better day Maggs Lots of hugs and prayers your way.

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