A light

Currently it is like a light has gone out in my life, like a part of me is closed down and in some ways cauterised. Like where I should feel, and bubble and glow is dark and dull with no spark. Things that seamlessly flowed now take monumental effort. usually I make that effort, but in the last few days I m too weary to find the will to push past this bone weariness.

But I acknowledge these feelings or lack of feeling as who I am right now and accept this. I also acknowledge the romantic heart and soul of me ( which apparently I have passed onto all my daughters…) and know this is valid too.

I do believe in happy endings, in love that does not die, or betray or fail no matter what. (Why do I suddenly feel like Virginia saying I do believe in Santa Claus or one of any number of children at the pantomime Peter Pan screaming out “I do believe in fairies!”)??

8 comments on “A light

  1. Love you too Jenn. Thank you for walking with me down this pathway.

  2. You have such a kind, pure heart. This is rare in our world today. You are a priceless jewel who has unfortunately been put away in a jewelry box, ignored and unable to shine. However, there will come a time Maggs, when a real man will come along, free your heart from that jewelry box, and allow you to shine as you are meant to. I am reminded of one of my favorite sayings – “Time heals all wounds”. This will all take time, but you, my dear friend, will heal and your heart will be sprung from that “jewelry box”. You will shine like never before because that’s just who you are. I love you Maggs. Hugs.

  3. I hope this weekend is better! *hugs*

  4. You have much love not only around you, but also within you- There are great things coming your way.. I’m sure of it. xx

  5. It lives, swan petal. And I acknowledge it. It is an authentic part of me. “Dreams are necessary to life.” ~Anais Nin. This is my heart whole dream, and always has been.

  6. It’s hard sometimes in a society like this, but even in dark times, that love, that romance, remains a sprout in your heart, waiting for it’s springtime to blossom again.

    I know how this feels, hang in there, take good care of yourself.

  7. despair sneaks up on me sometimes. Just sometimes. I know there is light; I just wait for it to manifest. I am working through this.

  8. Remember there is love around you always!!! Through the darkness emerges light, it grows. Slowly it gets bigger, we can both wait for it to grow until there is light again.

    Look after yourself honey xxoo

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