“Life is truly known only to those who suffer, lose, endure adversity and stumble from defeat to defeat.” ~Anais Nin

In some ways I feel like one of those blessed to “know” life deeply based on the quote above. In other ways, I know better. In light of my personal battle across the last span of time, I resolve to keep a gratitude journal as the last part of my daily blog.

I think too much sometimes. I could learn from those who think less, and just look and act facing forwards with no deep reflection that spirals within and without. Not really my way. Not how I learn and grow. I am a thinker. I accept and embrace this part of me. But I am learning there is more. Far more.

Yesterday I spent a wonderful afternoon browsing and keeping company with one daughter. She actually thanked me for what I do for her ( I nearly fell over ). I don’t expect what I do to be acknowledged in a positive way – yet she did. We picked up some groceries and odds and ends we require, we browsed a few shops looking at what might be Christmas presents, and tried on clothing and shoes. Butter chicken and rice was dinner for her, while I had a simple mushroom omelette which met my needs. And it was hot.

Today I have brunch planned with a much loved daughter; likely brunch and shopping as she has her eye on jeans shorts and I found some perfect pairs yesterday. It will be a leisurely time but an exceptionally good time.

The afternoon and evening I have ear marked for some readings I need to do in preparation for the classes I have tomorrow. I have a presentation to give on a selection of pages. I thought I would organise it as a quiz rather than just reading it out to everyone, so I need to put some thought and preparation into that!!!

Geni is heading to the beach with some friends( I need to wake her in 8 minutes!!) so all in all it should be a good day.

I am feeling better able to face life today. The cloud is still there but contained; accepted ( not quite embraced.)


9 comments on ““Life is truly known only to those who suffer, lose, endure adversity and stumble from defeat to defeat.” ~Anais Nin

  1. Thanks Joan. The totally unexpected quality of it made it an especially wondrous gift. And from a teen – no less!!! There is hope despite the self absorbedness.

  2. What a precious moment with your daughter. I love it when people recognize things that are good and acknowledge them. You are fortunate and so is she.

  3. I am just very human doing the best I can. Sometimes struggling. I adore Anais Nin. Her voice touches me, speaks for me.

  4. I really like Anais Nin. Glad you are feeling better today, you have a wonderful soul, from what I know so far.


  5. A very sweet entry, especially the daughter who thank you for all you do for her. Sometimes just being acknowledged can make all the difference. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The words jump up from pages and speak to me. They seem to embody what I am feeling, so why reinvent the wheel? How be you today- Shadow?

  7. What a wonderful quote, it amazes me where you find them all. You have a gift!

  8. thanks MsSpoon for sharing your perspective. I aprrecite each allegory and every single word. You add light to my walk in this dark time.

  9. Sometimes one’s presence
    is more than enough gift
    and you are generous with that.
    Thanks Maggie!

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