Drenched Monday

Burned the midnight oil picking the guts out of three readings and doing a presentation “summarising” ready for today’s classes. Delightfully I was told I did a brilliant job on the most difficult reading. *does happy dance***

Just the tonic I needed.   My classmates are a delightful batch- all 16 of them, and we are bonding over shared assignments and readings and life experiences creep in there too.

Today I am grateful for:
the drenching rain that cut the heat and humidity of the last three days.
the accolades from the lecturer
the hints and guidance towards the first assignment ( and all my scribbled notes)
new friends.
lessons learned and lived.

4 comments on “Drenched Monday

  1. That is exactly what it was like too Dorrie. Exactly. I am glad things went well for you. Too.

  2. if you are confident with the subject, it flows over to the listeners. That’s what happened with me on the weekend as well… I know my stuff, I was at ease with the speeches, I got lots of applause! That can really motivate! lol

  3. I was delighted with the result. Apparently I was confident and actually talked to the group, instead of just paraphrasing and reading. I enjoyed the day completely.

  4. I am so glad your reading went well, Maggs. I loved bonding with fellow students while in uni. I still keep in touch with my nursing class alumni. We meet for coffee every so often and follow each others experiences in the nursing field. Uni is a very rewarding experience. I love to learn and am excited to go back for my Master’s degree in the next year or so. {{Hugs}}

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