Best line in a movie this year

“Dobby never meant to kill. Dobby only meant to maim. Or seriously injure.”

I went with Geni and Leonnie to see the latest Harry Potter yesterday afternoon. The mercury was spiking high and the lure of the shopping centre and cinema complex ( air conditioning) called us – all three. We decided to grab a bite to eat and take in a movie and this was the only one showing that all three of us wanted to see. Leonnie has seen it twice previously with her friends, but neither Geni nor I had seen it.

Two comments.
1. Dobby’s quote added some levity in a very dark movie
2. It ended abruptly. Now we all need to wait until July for the final part.

~sigh~ Don’t the producers realise how much “profit” they would have made by releasing both at the same time?  It was a long movie, however all three of us would have marched immediately into the next one had they released it now. I am sure we are not the only ones. And we all know it has been filmed, edited and sits waiting.

What I will do now is reread the book.   Again.


6 comments on “Best line in a movie this year

  1. The kiddos and I have watched it too
    and they’re looking forward to July!
    Love the time with my kiddos!

  2. Burst, the books and the subsequent movies were a dream. I am the ultimate sucker for the good versus evil saga, and this was a particularly brilliant treatment. Delights both young and not-so-young, like me. Tens I now know have grown up with it/them.

    Incog. That line was a cracker….. goe down as one of y best all time movie lines.

  3. Ooh I went to watch this last weekend and lived that line!
    You’re right though all 5 of us that went would have marched right in to watch the next part!

    Incognito x

  4. It is a magical world, isn’t it?

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