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New Year Musings.

As New Year’s Eve grows around me, I sit here and I find I cannot remember last New Year’s Eve.  I cannot tell you what I did, where I was, or even who I was with. Geni and Leonnie were with their father the first half of those Christmas holidays so I had no housefull […]

“In a moment, just one moment life can change forever”…from Love and Other Drugs

Geni and Leonnie took me to the movies a couple of nights ago – because it is my holiday too.   How about that!!  Thank you for caring enough to see me and consider me.  The gift of this consideration did not go unnoticed.  In fact I celebrate it and thank you with all my heart. […]

Annual stocktake

At this point of the year – as the old year wanes and the New One burgeons ready to bud on the close horizon – I gather my thoughts and hold them close while I examine them and number them before I trot them out in words and thoughts.  I look at where I have […]

Christmas images

Christmas Day 2010

At the very end of Christmas Day, peace reigns around here.  I carry with me memory of good food and the company of those I love.  Parts of today were fraught with emotion after a year with so much ending and loss. Laughter, tears, and yes this year I got Peace on Earth.  As far […]

Christmas Morning, Early

It was a late night and a long Christmas Eve, but worth it.  Work,  the final wrapping, a quick trip to the shops…..  AJ helped with the tree and as it approached Midnight, he became as wound up as a spinning top. This morning, aside from needing a good strong coffee before madness descends, I […]

1pm Christmas Eve

* Presents purchased and wrapped ( and budget adhered to) TICK * Christmas Lunch coordinated, prepared for and money added to the pot to cover cost (TICK) * Presents my Mum (aka Gran) wants to give suggested,..purchased,.. packaged and waiting under Tess’s tree for her(Gran) to give on Christmas Day(TICK) * Offer made to my […]


Thursday morning, bright and early – my companion is the rising sun and a whisp of a breeze tickling my exposed cheek and arms.  One and a half days of work and then wo weeks holiday – yippee.  Two weeks home with Geni and Leonnie ; or around them often.  Two weeks keeping the clutter […]

Soppy movies

What is it with this time of year and racked up soppy movies…..favourite line from tonights’ ( The Wedding Partner 2005)…. I would rather fight with you than make love to anyone else. Even jaded old me, sighed. Perhaps I am not so jaded, after all.

wandering and pondering

This morning, after a hot and disturbed humid night of tossing and turning, I wandered out into the new week to find the air NOT any longer hot, but cool.  Immediately I was grateful for wearing a little three quarter sleeved jacket. I chose it because it matched the singlet top I wore with the […]