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Busy week

…that is now over. And I am unwinding and relaxing. This time next week I am at a party so I am making sure I am making the most of this weekend.

Geni received her school certificate ( Year 10) and did well. I am so proud of her achievements there. I attended class myself and received my first marked assignment back and more than passed *s*. And I am pleased ( can you tell??).

Work has put the spine in my everyday. That said,  I am so looking forward to my two weeks off from Christmas Eve and a second ( major ) assignment due 5 January – please note I have started reading and making notes already.  I am planning to submit this around 28 December.

Mum has had a couple of ‘not good’ days this week. I suppose that is to be expected as she is 84.  With Aunty Marjorie so recently passing, we are acutely aware of and grateful Mum is still with us.

We are planning Christmas..a la Family Zoo style.  This sees me baking (from salt dough) and hand painting ornaments this weeknd, sealing them Monday evening, and when Leonnie gets here Tuesday we will be putting up our Christmas decorations.  And tree.  Tess decided the Christmas Colours this year are silver and white.  I can work with that theme… (plus I will throw in a few neutrals..)

I have been painting this week, as and where I can. It is the first major work in years NOT on a bright red background….  And no Bobby, this is not walls, this is three canvases for one artistic concept.  This has been brewing for 20 years; percolating along in the background of my life while I gather years and experiences and tuck them away as memories.  


One comment on “Busy week

  1. This weekend was a killer! I feel older this morning. I am, of course, a few hours behind you so my day is just now beginning. Had to wake up my son early so he could do the homework that he couldn’t do after his basketball practice.

    Wishing you the best…

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