Sunday, two weeks before Christmas 2010

Sitting here watching PS I Love you  and as waves of wondering where my one is, who will not go – no matter wha- and who will love me north, south, east and west and who will be my earth and my compass point…..  ( having arms like THAT would not hurt either…)

I shook that away and instead collected thoughts about what I am grateful for.  I want to thank the people I spent a lovely close pleasant day with, who love me and whom I love deeply and always.  I loved every minute.

Likewise I am looking forward to tomorrow.  I have calendarised our 5.30 appointment.   For tomorrow and for subsequent days.   I am blessed. Truly.  I am most loved.

Today I reorganised the lounge and dining room furniture, put some thought to planning the weekly menu and writing it down and have a clean and tidy house.  I am at peace.  I am even rested.

3 comments on “Sunday, two weeks before Christmas 2010

  1. I know that particular movie screened in Germany as well as Down Under… on Sunday night. No use pining, or wasting emotion. Life is too short. I hate waste…..of time, of emotion, of moments that will all too soon be gone.

    And Spoon I have moments when I crawl under a rock and hide. Trust me.

  2. I love the way you keep yourself busy
    — so productive
    unlike me when I was busy nursing my pains
    — so waste of time.

  3. Nothing like romantic movie around Christmas time, and all those holiday romance movies. Sigh. I am glad you focused on something else and being grateful. You are very blessed, have a good day!

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