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Quick update on my way out the door

The lead up to Christmas is hectic.
* Major assignment due 5 January (2500 words) so readings and essay planning in full swing.
* Redesigned/updated work website goes live Monday. It is a soft launch, but still there is testing and content tweaking to be done; and as usual the business unit content providers ujust woke up at the last minute.  Regardless of how well design is documented, it is inevitable that people only realise what they REALLY want when they  have to LOOK at it.
* My online forms project is cranking up to populate Phase 2 of the work website.  All the sexy stuff sits there.  Have hit some major milestones and brokered some major collaborative and cooperative wins. So this is now running ahead like a speeding train – and I am hanging on for dear life. I am grateful I have been and I am involved in this work offering.
* Uncle Kevin is doing okay and is finding his way to move forward without his lifelong partner. His comment was “One must!”  He is right.  How well I know that lesson.
* Jo is making the most of her last months in life with the full support of her family. She will not see another Christmas after this one.
* Geni and Leonnie are both on school holidays. I rememeber being a teen, and that sort of social life and those concerns. I do – somewhere way back in my past.
* The weekend calls me. Must away.

My fervent hope for you all is peace today and every day is that those you love surround you and envelope you.


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