wandering and pondering

This morning, after a hot and disturbed humid night of tossing and turning, I wandered out into the new week to find the air NOT any longer hot, but cool.  Immediately I was grateful for wearing a little three quarter sleeved jacket. I chose it because it matched the singlet top I wore with the tailored trousers – and in the office it is always chilly ( air conditioning – don’t you love artificial environments??).

I crossed the road and just up ahead of me was a smallish woman labouring towards the railway station on crutches.  I wandered closer and noticed she had NOT any use of her legs.  Her frame was moved laboriously using her upper body strength and the crutches alone.

And here in a flash and just one second, I was grateful for my health and my strength and I realised JUST how blessed I am.  Yes, it has been a tumultuous year.  Yes there are people I love , and whom I have loved doggedly and long for many years, no longer there. BUT I still have so much to be grteful for.

And it changed my complexion on today.


3 comments on “wandering and pondering

  1. I almost skip the few hundred metres to where I catch my train. Yet yesterday I watched and took in how this one woman worked and persisted and made it there. Yes Burst, it was the overcoming. A much needed humility for me. Amen westy. Amen. Someimes I get dragged down by the holes and cracks I fall through. This was a gentle reminder. Maggs.

  2. I always try to remember how good I have it in so many ways…..

  3. Yes, I love air conditioning.

    I have a desirable parking space at work. There is a woman just as you described that parks near me. It isn’t so much that she struggles it is that she overcomes. That always fills me with hope.

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