Thursday morning, bright and early – my companion is the rising sun and a whisp of a breeze tickling my exposed cheek and arms.  One and a half days of work and then wo weeks holiday – yippee.  Two weeks home with Geni and Leonnie ; or around them often.  Two weeks keeping the clutter down ( which seems to gather like iron filings to a magnet to any teenage female…..)

The Christmas gifts are purchased and stowed and I am proud to announce that for once I did NOT go overboard.  I made a list, I carefully chose AND stuck to budget.

  • Presents purchased and packaged TICK ( even those from Mum to others as she can’t manage the mad run around any more – it has been my pleasure.
  • Christmas menu sorted.  Tess is not working yet ( more on that in the New Year – and all good!!) so Tess hs volunteered her time and effort to do the Christmas preparation of food. Thank you Tess.
  • At work my major work project has kicked into top gear and I am shifting gears accordingly.  Already I have organised internal regular meetings for the first 3 months.
  • Major assignment essay due 5 January.  I have done my essay plan, decided the arguments i wish to make and begun the first draft.  I have readings to muck through and will populate the essay a section at a time, and put it aside between Christmas and New Year, with a final tweak and read through well in advance of 5 January.
  • Today my heart and my mind is firmly on what I have and what I hold.  Mum is still with us, but we all see signs her walk int his world is coming to a close.  We are all grateful for her presence and her love and we are all making the most of our time with her.
  • We consulted as a family and decided to extend an open door to my sister who has taken herself away from us ( and her 9 year old son) for many years.  We made the offer, all of us, in good faith. And she turned us down.  But we tried.  My sister needs help – of this I am sure.  I New Year’s hope for her is that she faces herself and finds the courage to ask for help.
  • This will be my first Christmas without Tony in 8 years.  I wish him and Nick joy and peace,and lots of time with each other throughout this time.  I am sad and likely will be for some time.  About this.  But that’s okay and valid.  I accept it nd face it and let all I feel wash over me.  I collect each wave of emotion as if I am on a board halfway out in the ocean and ride the feeling, whatever it is – acknowledging it, naming it,   embracing it and letting it fade away (much as a wave does) and then do the same with the next one.

To all who have graced my life and supported my walk, and even those who don’t but who sometimes drop by to read, I wish you all the very best this year during this festive season.  I wish you love, and hope.  I wish you joy.  If you need me.  I am here.


2 comments on “Countdown

  1. We are all enjoying each other; and it is pretty much Family Zoo. You are welcome t come down and stay any Christmas you fancy!!! You and yours!!

  2. I wish my Christmas were going as smoothly as yours. I’m very behind due that awful infection last weekend. But, after 5 pm central US time I’m off work until next week. I have a gift to pick up after work and then home to bake. 🙂

    Merry (or Happy) Christmas Maggs.

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