Christmas Day 2010

At the very end of Christmas Day, peace reigns around here.  I carry with me memory of good food and the company of those I love.  Parts of today were fraught with emotion after a year with so much ending and loss.

Laughter, tears, and yes this year I got Peace on Earth.  As far back as I can remember when my kids asked me what I wanted for Christmas the first thing I told them was Peace on Earth.  Well, this year Pandy gave me an envelope and inside of it was a block of chocolate labeled as “Peace on Earth.”    So this year I got what I have asked for for as many years as I can remember.

This year the day began with thoughts of someone(s) who was not there this year.  I will not lie – it hurt.  I suspect I will always hurt.  You see I do not give my heart easily.  And love is not connected to a switch that lets me feel or not feel.

My last babies are almost fully grown.  I recognise it in their emotional ups and down.  The laughter and the tears that are inevitably the backdrop of a family christmas were main characters.  I am delighted to have them with us, and to see how they are growing.  They are certainly their own strong willed characters.  I smile just to think of them.

The food was far too much .  Tess stated quite loudly that next year someone must come with her and MAKE her only buy half.  She is her mother’s daughter.

Mum managed the day, and made it home without ending up direly ill.  She is becoming increasingly frail.  I am especially grateful she is still with us.  Honestly none of us know what day we will awake to find her no longer there.  We are aware that each day is yet another gift.

As I predicted, Mum’s brother, my Uncle Kevin has booked his flight and will arrive to stay with her in February.  Aunty Marjorie has gone, and he and Mum have always been close.  This is the best place for him and it is good for Mum as well.

As the day drew to a close I came home.

4 comments on “Christmas Day 2010

  1. Thank you, all for your wishes. I captured each and hold them close and dear to my heart ( a secret – they warm me when the ice begins to solidify around my broken heart and remind me that love and true support exist and are alive and well – thank you to each and every one of you!!)

  2. A belated “Merry Christmas” Maggie…you are blessed to still have your mom with you after all that she has been through the last few years. Lots of hugs for you my friend!

  3. A few more Christmases and you’ll not only have peace on earth but also peace in the heart. I would like that for myself too and I think each Christmas I’m making a progress. Cheers!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day, Maggie. Glad you’re Uncle is moving too. *hugs*

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