7 comments on “Love

  1. […] must have known this line, ‘If you love someone set him free. If he comes back he’s yours. If not, he isn’t yours in the first place’. He knew all the time […]

  2. Truthfully? No. Not even those we carry inside and birth. They are on loan. I know that. In my heart .

  3. Is there really a living thing that I can call mine alone?
    I want to own my loved ones but they’re not mine alone and they will always leave one way or another — and that hurts. huhuhu

  4. Love can be death by a thousand cuts as well. And what they don’t tell you and you find out the hard way, is that there is always a price to pay. And yet still I am a romantic in the truest sense.

  5. Love is an illusion.

  6. it is a rather bitter pill.

  7. Yep I agree.

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