Late summer, last days of leave

A sleep in…. languorous, limpid, lingering….

No stress.

No demands.

Relaxing morning, a visit to a hair stylist and a cut, a pleasant walk.

Time spent with loved ones, giggling, gossiping – and an hour on the phone to mum, about everything and nothing.  And yet more nothing.

Exploring the world unearthed in a new book.

Raucous caws from a playful flock of cockatoos gambolling on rooftops in the twilight rain called me out.  The air is that pecularly clear light that comes only between day and night, muted by the rain that is falling so lightly it appears to hover….

How blessed is my life!!

2 comments on “Late summer, last days of leave

  1. It is the current state of my world – and me. So that is nice maybe.

  2. This was very nice to read. 🙂

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