The Land of Aus – drought, flood, bushfire….

Perhaps Dorthy realy did come to Aus with Toto.  The green , the colour of the supercell storms as they bear down and linger in whatever valley they can on the way to the coast….  This country from as far back as the Brits sent their convicts here ( usually for stealing bread to feed starving offspring – lifetime transportation – nice!!!) has been known for its extremes and it it’s upside down harsh climate.

This time last year everyone was holding their breath hoping the many_years_long_drought had broken.  here we are, and we have floods that are enough to see a whole flotilla of arks afloat.

We who are yet dry ( except for crippling humidity and sodden downpourings with no notice) watch the footage with horror and no lack of compassion for those who are losing everything as I write these few words.

We often like to convince ourselves we have control.  This reminds us how one moment can change everything forever.


2 comments on “The Land of Aus – drought, flood, bushfire….

  1. nature has been playing around with us people all over the world the past months…. showing us all who is in control.

    I, too, have been following the reports on your floods… parts of Germany are flooding as well because all our snow has melted, combined with pouring rain. The Main River at Frankfurt has already flooded the banks… so far is the old town safe.

    We rarily get much snow in my area, but this season we had 4 weeks of winter wonderland… I loved it!

  2. We’ve been keeping up with the situation. It’s amazing how things can turn so rapidly from drought to flood. Our prayers are with everyone there.


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