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Quick Update

Friday bleeds away beneath me as I race work deadlines in a changing and much changed environment. Not much different in that – just seems there is more right this second.

It has been a busy week. I have revisited the gym for an assessment, and re-tweaked my program ( shaken things up so to speak to trick my body into ramping up reaching for the goals I have set for myself. ) It also was an excellent reminder on how far I have come since I began this journey in August. I have found we often forget how far we have journeyed and tend to focus more on how far we have yet to go. Today reminded me to celebrate how far I have come and to be grateful. I shall give you fair warning; once I have completed this journey I shall stick up the before and after pictures and a log of lessons learned on the journey. So beware. The starting point was horrible. Not quite so horrible now – I am indeed beginning to recognise myself again when I glance myself in a mirror ( which is a great relief.!!)

I also “found” an old boyfriend from High School and we had tea today. Just tea, and a catch up chat. It was delightful. You know how you have people who impact on your life and you never ever forget them? Well he was and is one of those. To see where life has taken him and to have the privelege of sharing these moments has been an unexpected treat.

We shall do this again.


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