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Day off

Sunday.  Aside from arising at 4.30am to get Gee up and out the door in time to begin her Sunday MacDonalds shift, I have a day ahead of me empty of commitment and responsibility.   To get Gee up and moving, I had to get myself fully awake.  A coffee, a read, hang a load of […]

“Exit strategy”

I wandered into work yesterday after a couple of days NOT in at work.  I forced myself to get up and out of bed and had an inkling of the sort of clothing I wanted to wear and had my wakeup-Princess strategy in play.  The morning went smoothly, as did the trip in.  I caught […]

Morning Reminder

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” ~ Frank A. Clark I threw myself out of bed, head throbbing.  Shower, gulp of coffee, teen wrangling ( all verbal) and out the door.  Light reading on the train with the thud of the train wheels echoed in the jangling […]


Today has been one of those days; no energy, blah-ness to the extreme.  I have thoughts but there is, at least today, a disconnect between thought and action. I am not well, having some sort of stomach parasite.  The medication is literal poison and I am convinced operates on the premise that it almost kills […]

Everything can change in one instant. “For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

So much we have watched in the media recently ( cyclone Yasi, the Christchurch earthquake) as well as events a slice closer ( death of my Aunty Marjorie, knowing my cousin is losing her battle with cancer.. someone I lived with, was committed to and love deeply is not only no longer part of my […]

Wellness Project

Watched an interview with Mariel Hemingway about a “wellness” lifestyle.  In a nutshell is is about choosing healthy steps to being the best and healthiest you, any of us are able to.  Another gift and reminder from life. Mariel suggested if a person could do one thing ( and one thing only) different today, then […]


Today the news is full of the 6.3 magnitude earthquake which hit central Christchurch in New Zealand.  Now I have been in that most lovely city.  The square where the cathedral lost it spire into the square is a place I well know and have fond memories of.  Watching the news coverage I choked up.   […]