Can you mend a broken heart?

I went on  hunt for quotes on healing and mending broken hearts and came up with all sorts of maudlin pieces ( some I recognised and some I didn’t) as well as numerous song lyrics – again some I recognised.  This got me thinking.

Perhaps we are not meant to mend what has been broken.  Perhaps there is a reason it was broken in the first place and without that breaking something will lways be lacking from who we are and who we are meant to be.  Just a thought.  A slightly different perspective and thought.  A shift in perspective.

When a farmer goes out to plant a crop, if he just throws the seed on top of the earth as it is, the birds and small animals would be not long behind him pecking up all the seed.  No crop.  If a farmer breaks the ground and turns it over.  Removes weeds and roots that would take nutrients and makes sure the air gets in, and then plants the seed and covers it over, the chances of a good crop, if properly watered and aired, increases expondentially.

Nothing happens by accident.  Perhaps we too occasionally need a shakeup and to be turned over to grow and learn the lessons we need to learn.

I accept what needed to break in me and turn around and over and I am grateful for this opportunity to grow.

5 comments on “Can you mend a broken heart?

  1. I am grateful for the refining process and the for scars – each and every one. I am grateful for the growth and the beauty…..

  2. One might be able to mend a broken heart but the heart will never be the same. We put bandages over our hurt and try to heal, but deep down inside, there is a scar, to remind us of our growth.

  3. I tried to gather all the pieces of my broken heart and make it whole again but can’t because there are missing pieces. Surprisingly it is more beautiful and so I think — maybe those pieces are not meant to be there after all.

  4. “Nothing happens by accident. Perhaps we too occasionally need a shakeup and to be turned over to grow and learn the lessons we need to learn.”

    Excellent observation. It’s good to get over the hurt, and it will happen with time, but it’s also good to “remember”, which is part of the learning process.


  5. Maybe. Sometimes it is about what was broken in the other. At any rate, it matters little as life moves only in one direction and burdens are carried because the alternative is beyond us.

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