Today the news is full of the 6.3 magnitude earthquake which hit central Christchurch in New Zealand.  Now I have been in that most lovely city.  The square where the cathedral lost it spire into the square is a place I well know and have fond memories of.  Watching the news coverage I choked up.   Emotional.

There any of us could be.  The earthquake was massive.    Just before 1pm NZ time (11am Sydney time) a huge earthquake 10km away from the city was only 5km deep.  The earth under some of those buildings just liquified.  There are fires in damaged buildings, there are fatalities reported but nothing confirmed.

I thought immediately of my daughters and children out and about doing their daily things.  Work, school, lunch.  Just like there.  Tess rang and I was so emotional I could not talk.

Mum rang.  She was also emotional.  Immediately we sought to touch in some way those we love.  Why do these things happen?

I believe we take so much for granted.  What do we have?  Just this moment and the next.  I believe we are not meant to live in megopolises ( as so many of us choose to).  I believe better for the earth and even better for ourselves would be life in smaller communities where the economy was based on what one makes and grows and barter based for extras.  Less consumerism, more care.  Less time to introspect and more activity around every day productivity.

Just some thoughts I have had.   Today I am grateful those I love are safe.  Today my thoughts and prayers are with those struggling to get through today.


3 comments on “Earthquake

  1. I wept when I heard the news, too; Knowing the fear and the heartbreak much too well myself not to ache for others experiencing it. I called my family, just to touch hearts…
    My thoughts and prayers are winging their way to everyone who is hurting there today. And to you too, my friends. I love you all very much as well.

    I am making sure I tell the one’s I love that I do, every chance I get. and Thank heaven that I still can say the words.

    ((hugs)) and love- Gina

  2. Too true. Brought home to me how much faith we have in our “everyday” routine, when in truth we have no guarantees.

  3. the earthquake was one of the first bits of news I read this morning!! How horrific!

    There have been many earthquakes around the world lately… we even hat one in Germany recently (only 4.4 but I felt it)… so unusual. And the other day our newspaper was predicting “the Big One” for California where my folks live. aaagggrrrhhhh

    Scary stuff, but nothing we can do about it….. 😦

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