Today has been one of those days; no energy, blah-ness to the extreme.  I have thoughts but there is, at least today, a disconnect between thought and action.

I am not well, having some sort of stomach parasite.  The medication is literal poison and I am convinced operates on the premise that it almost kills you but the tummy bugs die just a little first.  I am a tad green/grey in mien.

I have mental exhortations, and the other part of me quietly agrees but does not act.  I have seen a doctor.  I have the results of a stool test.  I actually have and have begun taking the medication, and I have spent an afternoon drifting in and out of sleep – just lacking…just blah!!!

To keep things in perspective, across the Tasman Sea there are those who have lost unexpectedly in an instant someone important to them and have been left with only the clothes on their back and whatever is left of their hope.  So measuring mine against theirs – well I am okay.  And I shouldn’t complain at all.   I am not complaining.   Just stating.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”  ~ Albert Einstein



3 comments on “Blahhhhhhhhhh

  1. I hope you feel better soon and that in spite of not having much appetite that you’re eating something. *hugs*

  2. Truly my pleasure!!! truly ( as you well know!!) We have a few intensely ho days ( like overblown roses) and now some mornings I feel the lick of cool where for months there has been none. Summer is packing, while bestowing her last hot kisses, ready for you. *s*.

  3. Yes, that is exactly my state of mind here in North Carolina. Been a horrible,horrible winter. Full of cold, cold days and dreary gray skys. I came now with the flu bug, in the form of sore throat, etc., on Dec. 26. Still had the sore throat bad up until two weeks ago. Went to and ENT and he started treating me for a)bacteria with antibiotics and b) allergies with nose spray and Zyrtec and now the throat is healed but woe is my tummy from the antibiotic. You’re right Maggs, the things they give us to heal us almost kill us!

    Hope you all are better soon. Here in Carolina, spring is just around the corner. Hope wherever you are it is too or at least some facsimile thereof.


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