Day off

Sunday.  Aside from arising at 4.30am to get Gee up and out the door in time to begin her Sunday MacDonalds shift, I have a day ahead of me empty of commitment and responsibility.   To get Gee up and moving, I had to get myself fully awake.  A coffee, a read, hang a load of washing.  Gee was gone, and soon I turned over, pulled the doona up rearranged the pillowing and settled back and sleep claimed me.

When next life brought me to the surface, the day was light, albeit overcast and a light rain just fell from the sky.  I read some more, refreshed my coffee, organised my own breakfast, and read a tad more.

I hung the whites and put away some of the already dried bits of darks.  I opened the balcony doors and let the air through and began cleaning down the kitchen surfaces, vaccuuming the floor.  Briefly I thought of a potential trim of my fringe and discarded the thought, cooked a butter chicken for Gee when she gets home, scanned a magazine, read my favourite blogs…

Then I realised this was NOT a real day off.  For starters I am in at work from 6pm until around 11pm for a router change and requisite testing.   But looking at my list of “nothing” on my day off,  well – how is all this “off”?

Turn off the phone,  curl up on the sofa with a percolator of my favourite freshly brewed coffee and a trashy novel while watching episode after episode of my latest tv series ( available from the beginning as boxed dvds- which is my favourite way to glut myself; episode following episode consuming hours and days into nights…)..

I have decided I am not at all good at taking quality time out.  How about sleeping until noon then a long leisurely strolled for eggs benedict and wading through the Sunday papers, each extravagant section including the funnies and the cross word……  Instead I stockpile my errands and cram them into what little down time I have, and then I feel guilty if I don’t tick every box on my To Do List.

My challenge is to schedule a day for me and me alone where I just give in, relax, recharge and have fun – for fun’s sake.  I resolve to switch off totally and not stay half on.

This afternoon I will:

  • catch up with a girlfriend whose company I enjoy.  We will spend hours in each other’s company just being.
  • I will make a Not to Do List…a list of things I see as pleasure – walk a meandering no pressure walk glancing at houses and styles and peeking (at a distance) through open windows observing how others choose to decorate…)….I will eat one meal that is off my diet completely, or have a treat of something I find lush and luscious to indulge myself….. I will do my ballet stretching exercises because I find the ache in my muscles pleasurable after..sad , I am sad!!!!!!….. I won’t write, look after children, or raise a finger cleaning, plumping cushions of tidying around the house except to make what I require or want.  Just one day.
  • get out – somewhere, somehow, but where I want to go; maybe even that movie I want to indulge in.
  • have a bubble bath!

6 comments on “Day off

  1. Enjoyment was definately high on my list, thats for sure.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful list- I hope you were able to check them all off and enjoy!

  3. Day off from the office but self and home busyness on weekend — that’s my life too. The difference? I got to scrub my body a little longer, hug my kiddos a little longer, read my books a little longer, walk a little longer… Love it!

  4. ah incog, me too.;) but in the mean time I am happy to share this walk with you.

  5. Oooh…that is a tempting idea…I don’t think I can do a day a week but I think a day afortnight for ‘me’ time would be good!

    Incognito x

    ps thanks for your support…i wish you had a magic wand too 🙂

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