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TOday – A day off

A day off.  No commute. No work. No kids. No grandkids.  No deadlines.  I organised this time 6 weeks ago – this just one self indulgent day – and I have counted down the days ever since like a child giggily looking forward to Christmas. So the day is here and I got up at […]


Friday evening was dinner was at Pho Ngon.  Delicious and perfectly cooked, freshest of vegetables and tenderest of meats, and a steady flow of diners.  The cost for the three of us was more than reasonable.  Mental note to self – do THAT more often!  It was an hectic and packed day followed by last […]

Levity and perspective

Last night while the little niggles of life gathered, sat on my shoulder and added their combined weight to mine and hauled my spirit down.  I have lived too long, and endured and survived too much of life to not know that the feelings although real at that moment would soon pass. What replaced them […]


Salt has always had value, because salt is necessary to life. Not to mention the enhancement to flavour a little of this adds to even the most humble of dishes.   Think of a boiled egg – without salt….. The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea. Isak Dinesen But like all […]

Catching up…

Writing here has been last on my to-do list of late due to the plethora of other higher prioritised items.  It is a blessing to find a short spell in the middle of today where there is nothing queued up immediately, and everything is working through nicely.  This time to myself is like a breath […]


The mornings now are still dark when I wake called upward from sleep by my alarm tones on my phone.  Mid March.  Heat and humidity still play across and through each day time, but in the early morning, that simple lick of coolness dances around ankles and ears – indeed around any exposed flesh. “Autumn […]

you can have everything- just not all at once.

I am adopting that as my latest mantra.  It is about acceptance, being in the moment and being honest with myself around what I am, the energy I have and what I can accomplish and realise that making choices – choosing one thing over another- does not mean I let go of that thing forever, […]