A few moments to breathe

Early Saturday morning.  Geni is at work, Leonnie is asleep and I have a few moments to catch my thoughts before the busyness of the weekend catches me up.  I treasure these moments and I treasure the times (too) when energy around me is filled with teenage noise …whispers, giggling, raised voices.  Somewhere within these moments I have an essay to write and polish and submit before Monday, a house to clean, washing to do, week’s menu to plan….

It is all good.


What have you all been up to, I wonder?


7 comments on “A few moments to breathe

  1. Thanks maggs!

    Incognito xxx

  2. I haven’t got time to procrastinate right now 😉 But I sometime hear that siren sing.

  3. Trying to study, and getting caught in the procrastination loop…..

  4. I ahven’t quite reached that place, yet, Westy. Right now some moments and space, to clear my thoughts and just “be” – to center myself without frantic doing is a blessing. There have been times in my ife when I had too many alone moments. I know this state is fluid, too.

  5. If I could zip up some of our heat and humidity and send it to you I would!! And I am delighted you are happy. 🙂

  6. I have spent the day in my PJs…I have a cold but I am happy 🙂

    Love Incognito xxx

  7. “It is all good.” … my favorite sentence.

    I have too many “alone” moments, in spite of being constantly busy. I guess it’s a matter of perspective.

    Knowing you, you’ll get all your tasks done, on time!

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