Catching up…

Writing here has been last on my to-do list of late due to the plethora of other higher prioritised items.  It is a blessing to find a short spell in the middle of today where there is nothing queued up immediately, and everything is working through nicely.  This time to myself is like a breath of fresh air, for me.  Restock, reprovision my soul, my inner self.

I plan to catch up on all of you who are on my subscribe list and leave a word or two to let you know I have been and that you matter to me.  You are like signposts carrying precious jewels that speak to me and illuminate my sometimes darkness – so although I may appear absent, I am not and carry your gifts with me.

The rain has been throwing itself at the ground for two days now.  Cars splash by below and I hear the swish of the displaced rain_now_ground water.  Overhead I hear the signs of people going somewhere or returning in the plane noises that rush closer and then fade.

Grey Sunday, Sydney autumn.  Now where is that to do list of mine?


weekly menu…..

weekly shopping, after cleaning out the fridge…..

a 5 km walk…..

30 minutes of yoga…..

update my resume……

weekly filing…..



5 comments on “Catching up…

  1. I adore that first burst of life evidencing and embodied with those luscious fragrant bulbs… I know you will make the most of this time, Gina.

  2. Spring is just barely peeking in at us here in the Pacific Northwest. The daffodils are just beginning to make their way towards the sunshine and air- The cherry trees are adorned in their lovely white and pink flower gowns. Birds of all shapes and sizes are singing love songs while courting one another at the feeders around the yard. I watch these small miracles and smile with joy that I am able to enjoy them in comfort and good health.

    I have set up my clothes lines, too- there is nothing so wonderful as climbing into sheets that have been dried by the sun and scented by the wind! *smiling*

    You are thought of by day, and prayed for by night, my Friend. :o) I hope your days go smoothly, and that all is well in your world.

    ((hugs)) Gina

  3. And for the last two days – in fact an entire weekend – the heavens opened and Noah would have done quite well with his ark locally. Apparently in this local area we had more rain in a 24 hour period than we have had in 20 years. Well well well. That explains why the clothing didn’t dry!!! And yes I have a clothes drier – but prefer the feel and smell of “air” dried clothing. Hey Joan – I don’t miss the pollen *s*.

  4. lol @ Joan…. we are finally enjoying the first signs of spring and it’s hard to think you are now having autumn… poor you!

    I have been quite negligent with my blogs as well…. 😦

  5. So odd to think you are in autumn while everything here is bursting into bloom and Charleston is covered in a layer of pollen dust. I need to do almost all of the things on your list as well!

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