Levity and perspective

Last night while the little niggles of life gathered, sat on my shoulder and added their combined weight to mine and hauled my spirit down.  I have lived too long, and endured and survived too much of life to not know that the feelings although real at that moment would soon pass.

What replaced them was shame in myself ( again) because the news that lifted the pall was of loss of a dear friend.  This dear friend is someone who was always unfailingly kind and lit the world with her love of her husband (who passed away recently) and her family.  Betty always had a good word to say for everyone and to everyone. But her battle on losing Paul was a tough one.  How does one survive the loss of half of oneself?  The thing about this “friend” is that we never physically met.  I came across her on Journalspace some time ago and always visited her blog.  Her kindness and love shone like a beacon, and although that particular blogging site ceased to exist, the community perpetuated.  Betty, along with many Journalspace refugees, became and was a friend on facebook as well.   This online community was a support network of individuals who found each other, and found a way to stay with each other – virtually, and stay that way to today.

Betty passed away in her sleep yesterday ( with global confusion it was my day and her night).  On the positive she is with her beloved Paul and her dad who passed before her,  but leaves sisters and family mourning.  But I too mourn her passing (while a piece of me is grateful she is again with Paul – as she was never quite the same once he passed.)

My little niggles became as nothing; just the layering of a full life.

For each of you who have touched my life, I want you to know I value and appreciate every minute I have known you  and for the very fact I do know you.  Thank you for your company on this journey.  Thank you for your support and understanding through my ups and downs and dramas.  My life is richer, my sense of who I am and who I might grow into becoming is surer because I know you and your caring helps more than any of you know.  Thank you.


6 comments on “Levity and perspective

  1. I agree Lori. I so agree.

  2. I was so very surprised to hear about it and also very sad- even though I hadn’t talked to her in a while – she was always so sweet and a joy to get to know- like so many people from JS.

  3. I have been grieving, too. Betty was a bright light in my life- a part of the harmony of friends that sings in my soul. I will miss her voice but not her song. It will go on forever.

    Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.
    – Rabindranath Tagore

  4. She was always a true “lady” and so sweet. The world is a little darker today.

  5. I already miss her! I had the priviledge of meeting her personally…. she was such a sweet person. SHE made JS part of what it was…. a real online family.

  6. Maggs, I too am deeply saddened by Betty’s passing. I just want you to know that as much as you appreciate those who are in your life, you are also as much appreciated in our lives as well. Your friendship across the ocean has touched me deeply and I look forward to giving you a big hug in person this June! I do hope your travel plans are still on! I have been so busy lately as I know you have that we haven’t touched base lately, but I want you to know you are still welcome here whenever and however 🙂 {{Hugs!!!!}}

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