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Abi Angelus

twinkle of mischief dancing delight incarnate silently standing pajama’d dolls clutched close in podgy fingers mischief glimmering, life incarnate a skip, a gamboll life shimmers wrapped in love and ash blonde curls.

Best beginning


waking with the taste of you on my lips, hearing wood smoke of your voice

Still You

Slip through life, a ghost Your name held between my teeth To travel with me

5 oclock Friday – 22 April 2011

Lest We Forget

A nation honours a promise to the service personnell who threw themselves into battles across our history to safeguard what they saw as the Light. The classic good versus evil, light versus dark, the enormous cost, the sacrifices people made.  Young men, younger than the age my two sons are now. War.  Killing fields in […]


Like a hummingbird I hover outside your life your name chewed soundless