My Little Secret

I have this thing.  Come closer and I will tell you.  My guilty little secret is that even as a grown woman I carry and have carried  torch for Mark Harmon.   He is gorgeous. Simply, utterly, gorgeous.

In case you are wondering who he is, think NCIS and think Gibbs.  It is non negotiable in this household – when NCIS is on, the TV is MINE. No argument, no cajoling. Nothing will change it. It is on and I watch NCIS.  I do not care if they are reruns, or new episodes.  I will watch them.

I like the character of Gibbs but I also like the actor Mark Harmon.  Gentlemen take note, if you all aged and looked like Mr Harmon, a lot of us women would be delighted!!  The same rule of thumb applies to my other crush worthy male, and that is Sean Connery. But then again, I am voice activated and his Scottish accent does it every time. Ahhhh secrets of me!!!

Chosen as People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. [1986]

He is married to Pam Dawber ( Mindy from Mork and Mindy). Risked his life to save two teenage boys who were involved in a car accident outside of his home. Harmon used a sledge hammer from his garage to break the window out of their car then pulled them free so they wouldn’t be burned to death, while his wife Pam Dawber called 911. He made every effort to downplay his role in saving their lives. [1996].

Graduated cum laude from UCLA, 1974, with degree in communications. Also played quarterback for UCLA Bruins, 1972-73 winning National Football Foundation Award for all-round excellence.

Worked as a carpenter before he hit it big.

I think he is scrumptious!!  And this is my open guilty secret.  How can a grown woman suffer from such a large scale teenage style crush!!

Who would have thought it!!


10 comments on “My Little Secret

  1. Yes we can and we do! …sigh.

  2. Seems like you do, too. But that is no surprise to me!!

  3. Good taste you have!

  4. I adore that my friend. I truly do after your last year that is a miracle.

  5. Well you are all woman…and guess what things are getting back to normal. Men are now appealing to the woman. Good luck

  6. All excellent taste ladies!! But wht else can I expect from my friends? LOL

  7. we share the same “taste” in men! lol I don’t watch the show (I’m not into crime stories… I read enough in the newspapers) but I have seen it a couple of times as well as the trailer…. *sigh*… yes, Mark is HOT!

  8. Mark Harmon is a favorite of mine too.

  9. hehe Great list- and I think he’s cute too… Someone else I drool over- Liam Neeson 🙂

  10. Pretty impressive bio, for sure. Especially the part about being married to Pam Dawber. I’m just sayin’. 😉


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