In this moment

Evening chill has settled around us.  Where only a few weeks ago I was in singlet tops and sleeveless and carrying a jacket for inside ( usually to combat enthusiastic air conditioning) yet now, I need sleeves even during the day.  In the early morning, and as now ( the evening) I am aware summer is heading back to reside with Bobby.

I am loving this time.  I love cocooning myself in my doona and settling into safe cuddled sleep.  I am really enjoying my moments in bed.  Relishing would be a better and more apt word.  Having cut my coffee down to only two cups a day – and those in the morning only, when sleep finds me I settle into it.  It helps to know I am at peace.  My emotions rush up and slide down.  Thoughts race and dance and drag across the forefront of my mind, but at my core I am where I should be and I am moving towards and into my next moments.

My baby girl, Leonnie, turned 15 today, and is celebrating with her Dad and his partner/family.  We have talked by phone and she and I went shopping for her gifts a week or two ago, and she will be with me for Easter, so it is all good.

My how quickly those years have gone.

Tonight I have vegetable soup cooking and a load of whites washing while I spend a few moments here.  I have an essay to write and a full day of training tomorrow.

2 comments on “In this moment

  1. Happy Birthday to your “baby” !

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