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Just thinking

When my mum was the age I m now, she had endured already many years of exhausting pain and had undergone her first hip replacement.    Her osteoarthritis has chewed at the bones of her hip and knee and she was several centimetres shorter on her left hand side so needed her shoes built up.  Knowing this and watching her white with pain and yet still struggling into a full and active life, I am grateful for the relatively minor little aches and tweaks my body uses to remind me I am no longer as young as I used to be.  Mum also had joint issues.

Have you noticed there is a whole slew of books out now titled “How to lose your lat 5 kilos!” by any number of authors.  I suspect I had read every diet book every published until a year or so ago I realised that reaing and knowing the simple truths and hints and tips published doesn’t assist in the weight loss journey ( unless you lose a few kilos by default from carting all those books around.)  The secret is to pick a method, nourish and love yourself and stick to the program.  Commit.  Do.  Simple as that.  And then go on making that same choice every single day.  And BE active.  The more active you are, the better the journey and the faster the weight vanishes.  You also are more toned at the end of the journey….

I think a better title for a diet book would be How To Lose Th Same 5 Kilos I Keep Losing and Gaining Back….

Just saying


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