Snippets froma busy week

I carry in my mind the image of an orange pajama’d half pint, having taken herself OUT of bed and feeling “oh-so-clever” written all over her face and enshrined in a asmile and a twinkle brimful of glee, standing in view JUST outside the bedroom door two dolls clutched against her chest waiting for someone to notice as she inched her way to the lounge room.    One step twoards her and she turned tail and fled, and hopped back into the bed she delighted in climbing out of.  So cute.  Her older sister went to bed, was tucked in and then was gone deep into sleep and undisturbed by the antics of her little sister.

A binge of sorting, organising and culling across three days.  Photos I ahve carried for years in boxes are now roughtly sorted iinto years and in albums and in storage boxes…..  What journeys I undertook while I did that task.  And that has been on my to do list for years.  Done.  Finally, and now in two boxes; pre 1990 and post 1990.    Nowadays so much is digital.  But these arried worlds and memories wih them.

The kookaburras loudly laughed the dawn into being while yet dark.  The household sleeps and I hear their contentment and love in the occasional cough and the sleepy snuffles.  I watched light paint the morning as I sipped one of my two coffees of the day.  Good morning.


2 comments on “Snippets froma busy week

  1. Chris I will happily share it with you. I just get these bursts of desire to accomplish something.

  2. I have so many years of photos to sort. I wish I had just a touch of your organization!

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