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5 Oclock Friday

Chicken soup, cooked from scratch by me just because AJ wants some.


Sunday was a fete day at Lizzie’s school and my goodness – what a fete.  It was heartening to see what could be accomplished with a committed group of parents living in an area where there is a reasonable level of education…. and a wonderful sense of community.   I have attended many fetes in […]


Today I am grateful for: my legs which carry me where I need to go, and my mind and body which lace those efforts with joy. trains which run frequently, allowing me to get where I need to be with little discomfort and without requiring massive effort on my part the cutting edge research undertaken […]

Last Night

Alone in the house, I finished what I had planned and setled into my bedtime routine.  As always I turned out the lamp, closed my book – carefully noting the page ( to begin again in the morning).  I rolled onto my right side and curled the doona around me and up under my chin […]

This winter

For the first time this winter I hear the cold; in the huff and race of the wind as it throws itself against the building and the trees and anything else it can find outside.  In bed, my bottom half still swaddled and toasty in what remains of my night’s accumulated body heat and the […]

Post Rapture – a day and a half

The world still turns on its wonky axis.  There have been meals cooked, laughter and tears shared, and wih the exception of one icelandic volcano erupting, no earthquakes or other natural disasters. Noone was taken while another stood beside and hence left.  And this is the last I am saying on this subject. My birthday […]

End of the world – Update

Psssssttttttt – it is 3.47pm on THAT date and everything is rocketing along smoothly. Just saying…