My winter coat is needed in the mornings and for the evening trip home – as well as gloves and a scarf – and this just seemed to occur overnight.  Sunday night in fact.  One minute a couple of thin layers was okay and then the need for the wintery woolies descended.  That said, when I wander out the door in the morning and breathe in for the first time, the cold dances within me and celebrates life.

It is time for me to pull out my knitting needles and fill moments with mounds of freshly woven love offerings.  This is the beginning of a textured blanket.  The knitting fills in long train journeys, and keeps my fingers nimble and busy.  Plus it is productive and leaves something behind.  Between study/readings and knitting and sometimes even fiction, my train journeys pass exceedingly quickly.

I love my mornings lingering in bed, swathed in blanketting – snug and cosy and warm.

Wednesday.  Lots of news gathering in the background.  I am doing what I have had much practice in doing; waiting.

How is your week??


3 comments on “Suddenly

  1. Our Springtime here in St Petersburg FL went right into summer and even set a record high this week! I do love the hot weather ! 🙂
    Knitting is something I could not get the hang of, however, I crocheted alot! made baby blankets and bedspreads. It sure passes the time …when there is enough time.
    Have a nice rest of the week!

  2. I’d love to learn to knit.. That’s the beginning of something beautiful!

  3. One of these days, I’m going to work my way around to really learning to knit. I have all the supplies. I just can’t seem to find the time or the discipline.

    Sent Fin to NY yesterday but will join him in two weeks so all is well here. We jumped from a very mild and cool spring to summer in a week. I’m still reeling. 🙂

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