Friday 13th Thoughts

Michael “Mick” Fox – SAS trained, launched a one man well planned, well executed protest for all the children who end up as silent victims through the family breakup/contact negotiations/war.  Kudos to you, and my admiration.  Yes, he held up traffic. BUT he made his point.  Sadly, he was charged and part of his bail conditions prohibit him from going near the very children whom he loves deeply enough to fight for.

I can say without doubt he has my support and understanding.  Well done, Mate.

He is right.  The system is unfair.  Our children need a voice.  Family court child advocates do NOT cut the mustard in this instance.  When young children live with one parent, the emotional weighting is wrong.  When one parent ( at best) sees children for two days out of every 14 and the other sees them the rest, how does that balance?  Plus children find the whole battle over them terrifying.  And opt to sit on the fence or try to please one or both forcing them to lie in word and in deed.

I was raised to fall in love, to marry and stick at it for better or worse.  Unfortunately that was not the path life threw me down.  I am grateful for each and every one of my children.  As a survivor of the Family Court system, both they and I have scars.  Unseen, but nonetheless well and truly there and occasionally evident.

Mick, take it from me that if you just do not give up (despite Court rulings, despite it all) in the end those kids do win.  Take it form someone who has been down that path.


3 comments on “Friday 13th Thoughts

  1. When lumbering bureaucracies are granted power over the family, nothing ever ends up right.
    Shadow: UN law is exactly that. US law is our own. We aren’t citizens of the UN we are citizens of the USA and the UN stopped serving a useful purpose 50 years ago.

  2. I agree too. Sometimes I can see the value of US style lobby system. Perhaps we could take up the baton and push these agendas. Imagine being “punished” for doing the best thing for a child – or children. Happens too often. Perhaps I could tell tales of a particular “child advocate” who had interests in common with an ex of mine. How much bias came into play???

  3. Your right, the advocates for the children (solicitors most of them) have absolutely no training in representing the rights of children. Solicitors in my experience quite openly state that they do not want to be the child’s mouth piece and often ask for others opinions and then state they are the child’s. Well I agree he did a good job at making a point, disappointing that due to this he will be suffer at the hands of solicitors and courts both Family and Local courts. Are we not all signatories to the UN Rights of the Child?? Sometimes I wonder why we are party to the UN agreements as they are not implemented in Federal or State Law.

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